Peach Tea, Politics, Impeachment, and a Little Bit of Drag.

We were first introduced to the Teatotaller Tea House when we posted Fun & Provocative Billboard Gets New Hampshire Town Talking!  I've been wanting to get up to Somersworth, NH to check the place out myself.  Any time someone can be so free spirited and make the community laugh and think, more power to them!

I have not been able to get back up to cow-hampshire, but fortunately for me, there's the intranets so we can keep an eye on the place and their fun ways.

From the previous piece, we met the personality of Michael Cummings and his very open ways.

Well!  Is this where we say "I'll have what he's having!"?

Now, instead of coffee, Teatotaller is looking to glam up the marketing of another product, peach bubble tea?  How will Teatotaller's owner Emmett Soldati and Michael spin this one?

“We had just painted in Teatotaller and people have responded really well to our renovation and Michael had a few wigs that were shaking the internet — taking Instagram by storm — and I thought, OK, we need this wig and we need this model and this statement kind of all rolled into one and it just kind of rolled off the tongue,” Soldati said.

“I think someone asked me, ‘When are peaches in season,’ and I was like peaches are in season now,” Soldati laughed. That kicked off some of the creative inspiration.

Soldati described Cummings as a naturally good model who performs very well in front of the camera, so the shoot was easy. “We were kind of concerned at first it wasn’t going to get posted or there was going to be some push-back, but we fought through and we made it happen,” Soldati said. “There it is on West High Street.” –

We love it when two very different people work together and all the usual demographic boundaries are both non-barriers and assets. Here's Emmett and Michael discussing their most recent venture, suspenders, plaid, wigs, lip ring and all.

Weren't those some fierce suspenders! has more on Teatotaller and their eccentric ways.

Keep up the great work guys.  I still have you on the NH map.  Happy belated second anniversary and here's hoping for many more years and many more billboards.

Do you have a business in your community that steps out on a whimsical limb to support our LGBTQ Community?



Another previous add by Teatotaller and Cummings.



h/t:, @TeatotallerTea

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