Police Identify Stabbing Victim As Gay Graphic Designer Jeffrey Parker

Jeffrey Parker / Image via GoFundMe

A 35-year-old graphic designer from Toronto was stabbed to death.

First responders found Jeffrey Parker, known as Jay Parker or Jay Tripper, in a George Street apartment around 4:10 p.m. on Thursday. Parker was rushed to St. Michael’s Hospital, but died of his injuries a few hours later, according to CTV News Toronto.

After hearing the news, several associates and friends of Parker mourned his passing. Several remembered him as a kind and passionate soul.

“When I was 21, I had cancer and Jay threw a party for me. Almost 500 people showed up. It was really a defining moment in my life,” said former roommate Daniel.

“It was very, very difficult, very unexpected,” Daniel added. “He’s not the kind of person that would get into a conflict that escalated.”






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Police also found a murder suspect, according to Toronto City News. A 22-year-old man named Tyler Reynolds was found at a fast food store near the house Parker was discovered. Reynolds was arrested in relation to the crime and charged with second-degree murder. Police say the two men knew each other, but are unsure of what their relationship was.

In addition, a GoFundMe page has been created to help pay for Parker’s funeral. Plus, some of the proceeds will go towards finding Parker’s boyfriend Kevin a new home due to the last one being where Parker died.

“We find ourselves in horror, in shock. Jay Tripper a.k.a Jeff Parker has left our cruel world without warning, without reason. We ask that you donate to help his partner Kevin cover the costs of extracting himself painlessly  from that accursed house on George st that has claimed two loved ones in the last year. We need a company to clean, pack and move out Kevin and jays belongings and to cover the storage costs while we grieve. Jay made some wonderful art, let us preserve it.”

Reynolds is scheduled to appear in court next week.






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h/t: CTV News Toronto, Toronto City News

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