Politicians & Stars Swarmed The Opening Of Daniel O’Donnell’s Campaign Office

Democrats in Manhattan have chosen to support Daniel O’Donnell who’s running for public advocate.

O’Donnell, who is openly gay and married, has worked in politics since 1995. O’Donnell has served as a community board member, a delegate to the Democratic National Convention, a representative of multiple districts, from the Upper West Side to West Harlem, since 2003, and now as a State Assemblymember.

But that’s not all for O’Donnell. He wants to now take on the task of being New York City’s public advocate after Letitia James won the State Attorney General ticket.

This week, O’Donnell opened up a campaign office on Broadway to help his efforts for the public advocate position. In order to celebrate the opening of the office, several political figures and someone from the entertainment world joined together.

Deborah Glick, a fellow LGBTQ Manhattan Assemblymember, Queens Assemblymember Cathy Noland, former Manhattan Assemblymember and current Democratic Committee Chair Keith Wright, AIDS advocate Ann Northrop, and Rosie O’Donnell, wearing a tag reading “the sister,” all showed up to celebrate Daniel and his campaign.

Several stories were shared about Daniel O’Donnell during the event, according to Gay City News. Sister Rosie O’Donnell shared that Daniel was a born politician. She told the childhood story of how Daniel once told a neighbor who had chased them to the sidewalk that he was now on government property.

Daniel himself shared some words of his past and how growing up poor and as a gay man made him feel like government was never an option for him. He says that very history is why he wants to be a “watchdog” for the people and a local counterweight to growing “fascism” in Washington.

Now that Letitia James is leaving the New York City public advocate position, a citywide special election will be held in February to replace her. We’ll see if the rest of the city supports Daniel O’Donnell then.

h/t: Gay City News

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  1. He sucks, like all NYC gay

    He sucks, like all NYC gay Dem politicians. A fake and a liar. Taking whatever position is most fashionable for the most votes. Not as horrid as that out-of-towner Corey Johnson though. (GayCityNews is a joke of a source too these days. NYC sucks overall).


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