Poppers For Your Backside?

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They’re using CBD for what?

With marijuana becoming more and more accepted with every passing day, including it recently being decriminalized in New York, businesses and companies are looking for new ways to sell and market it. This is especially true for CBD or cannabidiol, a chemical derived from cannabis. People who use CBD don’t get high, but instead feel a heightened sense of relaxation. Because of that, the chemical is legal in most U.S. states and is paving the way for marijuana to follow.

But can CBD help you relax before having sex? Fort Troff says so, and the company is now selling CBD with the specific purpose of helping people enjoy anal sex more. And that CBD product is called boof.

The product is a sort of butt pill that attempts to relax your behind muscles with CBD. Fort Troff gives customers eight suppositories that must be inserted anally. But don’t worry, says the retailer, you won’t be desensitized by the drug, “Your ass will simply feel really fuckin good.” According to the company, boof provides a “full-body relaxation + maximum pleasure,” and “delivers the HIGHEST concentration of pure CBD.”

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Fort Troff created boof with the help of Foria, a company based on CBD products and that sells a similar product marketed for sexually active women. And just as Foria has sold a similar CBD-enhanced sex product, CBD has been associated with heightened sexual experiences for a while now.

As anal surgeon and founder of Bespoke Surgical Dr. Evan Goldstein said to Kinkly:

“CBD is such a great addition to anal play and what’s nice is that there are so many options for how to incorporate it,” Dr. Goldstein told Kinkly. “There are vapes or tinctures, which allow people to inhale or ingest CBD for systemic effects. Specifically for anal sex, people can also apply it locally, either by using lubricants and/or suppositories that are infused with CBD.”

So, does this butt pill and relaxant sound interesting to you or something to pass on? And with CBD and marijuana becoming more accessible and acceptable in America, who knows what else could come out in the future.

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