President Trump Roasted on Twitter For Latest False Claim

President Donald Trump in the Rose Garden (Photo Credit: Screenshot of video from White House YouTube channel)

Donald Trump has made a large number of claims during his time as President.  Some of his recent claims include the number of coronavirus cases in the United States going down from 15 to 0 in the early months and how the drug hydroxychloroquine could be used to treat coronavirus.  Now Trump has another false claim to add to his ever-growing array of lies and mistruths.

During his speech on police reform, Trump gave praise for an AIDS vaccine


“Before the end of the year, I predict we will have a very successful vaccine, therapeutic, and cure. We’re making tremendous progress. I deal with these incredible scientists, doctors very very closely. I have great respect for their minds.

And they have come up with things, and they’ve come up with many other cures and therapeutics over the years. These are the best, the smartest, the most brilliant anywhere. And they’ve come up with the AIDS vaccine.”

The only problem is there is not a vaccine that exists to cure AIDS. 

People took to Twitter to roast President Trump for his mistake.





These tweets are a sampling of what pops up when searching AIDS vaccine on Twitter.

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