Pride Decorations Kicked Aside At A Polish Pride Fair

A video of a group of men kicking around a LGBT rights and pride stand is being shared like crazy.

Polish LGBT group Lambda Szczecian recently joined together with the “Equality on the Wave” association to release a small fair.

“There will be healthy cakes, salads, books, games, photo exhibition and other attractions,” said Lambda Szczecin on Facebook before the event.

The project in Szcezecin, Poland took place on Rayskiego Street and stretched from Zamenhof Square to Grunwaldzki Square, according to local news source Głos Szczeciński.

Unfortunately, a group of men stopped the fun as they started to violently kick the rainbow umbrellas placed across the street.

A few phones caught the moment on video and one such video made its way onto Facebook. It has then spread online through several posters like the Racist and Xenophobic Behavior Monitoring Center.

The police are currently investigating the situation, but no arrests have been made at the moment.

 “We’re looking into it,” says Commissioner Mirosława Rudzińska from the Police Headquarters in Szczecin. 

“If offenders are caught, they will most likely face charges for hooliganism,” added hate crime officer  Dr Piotr Godzisz according to Gay Star News.

“Most likely, there will not be a penalty top-up for the homophobic motivation.”

h/t: Głos Szczeciński, Gay Star News

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