#PrideBeats Guy Scheiman Teams Up With Inaya Day For A Late Summer Scorcher

For any DJ crafting the perfect big voiced summer anthem, selection of the person behind that voice is absolutely crucial. Luckily, Guy Scheiman was wise enough to once again, partner up with the legendary supreme vocalist Inaya Day on their latest single “Deeper Feeling”-The Remixes. After working together on last year’s “Special Love” these individually remarkable artists are showing that their previous success was only their first of what is sure to be many on the dance floor. 

From the first strains of the “Intro Edit” you quickly realize that “Deeper Feeling” is one of those perfect hi-energy dance tracks summer dance floors strive for. Day’s vocals are subdued on the verse, but it’s signature Inaya Day belting on those choruses! The “Brian Cua Big Room Edit” replaces the original background accompaniment with something lush and entirely different, with some heavy drums tossed in as the chorus builds to an amazing crescendo. If there is a mix where you can truly feel what the song represents, this is the one. The “Nico Heinz, Max Kuhn, Fabio De Magistris Remix” is chock full of talent, but leaves the track on it’s own to stand out completely. They totally spin it into an early evening, cool and smooth pop-esque track, morphing it with ease into an entirely different (and welcome) genre.

“The Dee Remix” gives the circuit boys what they are looking for from two famed superstars of those dance floors, with slick production and fan-clacking ready drops, keeping Day’s luminous and haunting vocals sprinkled throughout the track.  The “Beef Dub Edit” keeps the consistent throbbing and anthem-ic vibe of the track, giving listeners a hint of what the rest of the remix package contains. Listen to this one as you first dive into the remix package to start off your “Deeper Feeling” journey properly!

Grab “Deeper Feeling” here: 


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