Religious Freedom Supporter & Georgia Governor Nominee Brian Kemp’s Ad Popped Up On Grindr

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Using Grindr to get votes? That’s apparently what one Republican nominee for Georgia governor is doing.


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Brian Kemp, the current secretary of state of Georgia and a religious freedom supporter, had cmapign advertisements on gay dating app Grindr.

Of course, this is more of an insult than a compliment because Kemp’s ad was an attack ad against Democratic rival Stacy Abrams and her stance on sex offender legislation. This leaves the implication that Kemp is trying to reach to gay voters and still think of them all as sex offenders.

The AJC reached out to Kemp’s campaign team and they responded by saying anyone who saw the ad probably visited his website recently.

In response, the Democratic Party of Georgia had this to say:


“But we don’t expect him to find much support,” added party spokesman Seth Bringman. “He has made clear that he would sign discrimination into law if he is elected governor, even though 400+ major Georgia employers have said that doing so would harm the state’s economy.”

This is just another point on top of the shady business going on with Kemp and Georgia in preparation of the November vote.


For instance, more than 50,000 newly registered Black voters have had their registrations frozen due to the exploitation of a controversial verification law.

According to CNN and an Associated Press report, over 53,000 voter registration applications, 70%  of which belong to African-Americans, were deemed insufficient for the “exact match” standard.

Under that policy, minor mistakes like a single typo or a missing letter can cause a red flag.

"As he has done for years, Brian Kemp is maliciously wielding the power of his office to suppress the vote for political gain and silence the voices of thousands of eligible voters — the majority of them people of color," said Abigail Collazo, a spokesperson for Kemp’s political opponent Stacy Abrams, said in a statement.

Collazo also asked for Kemp to step down "so that Georgia voters can have confidence that their Secretary of State competently and impartially oversees this election." 

h/t: AJC, CNN

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