Remembering The Life Of Dino Dizdarevic

Image via YouTube | A dating app led him to a bad neighborhood – How his family is searching for answers

Five Years After His Gruesome Murder, We Remember Dino Dizdarevic

As previously mentioned, I’m a sucker for cartoons but find myself diving into true crime stories on a daily basis. After Law and Order: Special Victims Unit sparked my interest in crime, I would eventually discover series like Forensic Files existed and binged every episode four times over. Maybe it’s just me, but I also seem to become more interested in episodes more when they involve members of our LGBTQ community. Recently, I have taken my love of true crime to the digital age and binge a YouTube series called Crime Watch Daily. On top of their investigators being unmatched and aggressive, which makes for better viewing pleasure, they have a variety of crimes I hadn’t heard before. One of these tragic stories hit too close to home…

According to Crime Watch Daily, Dino Dizdarevic, aged 25, was an immigrant from Bosnia who moved to the states as a teenager. He quickly picked up the language in his new home of Pennsylvania and met himself a boyfriend in Nick McBee. The new couple, like a majority of gay partners we may know, had love and communication in their relationship, which led them to having an open relationship in terms of sex. After an encounter with someone on the possibly dated hookup website, Adam4Adam, Dizdarevic was murdered in 2014 in Chester, Pennsylvania, an allegedly “rough” neighborhood. McBee was aware his boyfriend was going to a sexual encounter and eventually panicked when radio silence occurred as hours passed.

McBee, after being pushed away by police, reached out to a tech-wiz friend and the two began their own investigation. They determine that Dizdarevic could’ve been catfished as the photographs from the Adam4Adam profile were of an adult film star, likely not using the website. McBee and his friend managed to find the location they believe Dizdarevic was last at, due to a GPS in his mobile phone. After speaking with people in the neighborhood of Chester, McBee was told Dizdarevic was found murdered by blunt force trauma to the head. His murder remains unsolved to this day, five years later.

After reading through some of the various comments on YouTube, the Crime Watch Daily video in particular, I felt the need to speak and celebrate Dizdarevic’s life. Many viewers who still attain a mental disorder of homophobia were supportive, but a handful of comments were cruel regarding his open relationship and his sexual orientation. No one asks to be murdered for being gay or having a one-off encounter. Monogamy is not for everyone and seriously shouldn’t be judged. And at this point, what socially active Millennial hasn’t met someone from the internet for a date?! I am devastated for Dizdarevic’s family and wish they can shut this case soon.

Dizdarevic’s family still celebrates his life and are still hoping he receives justice. You can check out their Facebook memoriam here.

Anyone with leads that could lead to an arrest in this active investigation should call Chester Detective Joseph McFate at 610-447-8428, or Delaware County Detective William Gordon at 610-891-4700.

With almost one million views, you too can watch Dizdarevic’s full Crime Watch Daily episode below:

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Image via YouTube | A dating app led him to a bad neighborhood – How his family is searching for answers

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  1. I’m glad he hasn’t been forgotten. People say some pretty cruel things in ignorance without any idea that their words are dropping with daggers. Hopefully, they can find the murderer and give Nick and the family some sort of peace. God bless.


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