Reuben De Maid Meets His Role Model!

Reuben De Maid Meets His Role Model!

Watch The 12-Year-Old Make-Up Artist In Kardashian Awe!

In April, we reported how we fell in love with adorable, aspiring make-up artist, Reuben De Maid. He’s obviously a flamboyant, young boy who loves musicals, singing, and, of course, all things involving contour, highlight, and liners! Those are make-up terms, keep up with me! I have a soft spot for Maid, as we share the similar love for beautifying our faces that began at a young age. I was 14-years-old when I started painting and it’s rare for me to go a day without my magic brushes 12 years later.

As I mentioned, Maid was on The Ellen Show and we watched as she showered him with love after he’d been bullied for his flamboyancy. His braveness is admiring in his first interview with the talk show giant. He even has the courage to perform a rendition of “And I Am Telling You, I’m Not Going” in a full face of make-up. While Maid was generally well accepted by Ellen Degeneres’ open-minded audience, there are trolls and bigotry everywhere. Yes, for his flamboyancy, but also because Maid told Degeneres that when he grows up he wants to: “Be a Kardashian.” Hmm, perhaps not the best role models to have, but at least he isn’t causing chaos in his hometown and being a boil on society’s ass!

Naturally, with most of Degeneres’ popular guests, she invites him back to her stage. Eight months later, Maid continues to rock his perfectly beat face every day and has been loving the viral fame he’s received since his television appearance. As a behind-the-scene surprise, as Maid is doing one of his popular make-up tutorials, his idol, Kim Kardashian, makes a quick cameo into his life. Maid is genuinely shocked and it’s so warm to see their interaction with one another. Kardashian is there as she is allowing Maid to do her make-up, which will eventually appear on Degeneres’ YouTube Channel.

Maid ends the segment belting out his best version of “Love on The Brain” by Rihanna. For literally a split second, Kardashian makes another cameo and gives Maid a basket of her entire make-up line. Those damn Kardashian’s know how to market better than Jesus’ disciples!

Regardless of your opinion on Maid or Kardashian, you cannot deny they have the absolute sweetest interaction you’ll see all week. Check it out below:

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