Review: Madonna’s Madame X Concert

Is It A Concert? Is It Theater? No, Madonna’s Madame X Tour Is Pure Mindblowing Artistry

Most of us know music legend, Madonna, is on her latest tour titled Madame X. She’s garnered headlines already because first off, this is Madonna – a sixty-one year old icon who is still actively performing, and well, she may have been late and a fan pushed a lawsuit against her tardiness. Who cares! It’s Madonna! Recently, I was one of the lucky people who were able to see her latest tour and I have so many thoughts I need to share with you.

I was first blue-balled by the Madame X tour. A great friend of mine dangled the idea of being a plus one the prior night, but a friend he had took him up on the offer. I was a little bummed, knowing the price of a Madonna ticket during the holidays wasn’t necessarily in budget. I would be blindsided when the same friend, who saw the show the night before, asked if I wanted to go – he was getting tickets – again. Obviously I couldn’t pass up the offer, especially if someone is wanting to see the show again; this had to be good. The two of us would head to The Wiltern, a swanky spot in Los Angeles’ Korea Town neighborhood.

Upon entering the establishment you are absolutely required to lock your phone in a secure, magnetic bag. Basically it’s like a pouch that has one of the retail stores detectors on it – and only an employee could release it for you. It’s legit unbreakable. It’s a little shocking at first. Our phones are not only probably our biggest addiction, but a comfort zone. Immediately you have to be a little insecure: I’m in my later 20s, so my phone is regularly superglued to my hand. #Triggered. After grabbing a cocktail and venturing to the restroom (which in my opinion had to of been better than a bathhouse in the ‘70s), it’s time to take your seats among the Madonna fans AKA your gay peers.

We were close to the stage. It’s not a grand ballroom or the Staples Center, it’s intimate. The people around us couldn’t be more friendly. Without the lifeline of our phones, it’s bizarre to remember what it’s like meeting strangers in person is like. The fun conversations with our neighborhoods didn’t last long, because shockingly, Madonna was on time! Time to start the show…

Right off the bat we are showcased a prologue of the show. Madonna tells us to basically let loose, we’re going to be uncomfortable, but at the end of the day this is art. It’s not a concert, but theater, artistry, and she’s making certain that we walk away with conversation rather than just “That was amazing!” and the like. This introduction is projected on a screen in front of the audience as “Madonna” types it out to us on a typewriter. With the punch of every letter, an African American performer is “shot” on stage – he moves with every hit of a bullet. Eventually, Madonna lights up the stage and performs her newest work but every so often treats us to an oldie that gets everyone up and dancing. It’s sensational, moving, and without question the best “concert” I’ve ever been too. Madonna takes you out of your world and introduces you into hers. It’s basically like a cult – and I was honored to drink the juice.

Madonna outperforms those who she has decades of age on. She does the splits not only on the stage, but upside down in the air while hanging from a harness. It’s insane – she was doing cirque de solei! A surprise was her children who performed along side her for a song, it was a tender moment if you knew what her children look like (my friend pointed them out to me). She speaks softly to the audience often. Seriously, I felt like we were having more of a chat with Madonna than watching her perform – and she did plenty of her songs, 80% new, 20% classics. The experience is magical and worth every penny. Her message is clear throughout: This is an inclusive, diverse environment. It’s Madonna’s world and she has invited us in. It’s magical and Madonna needs to be cherished at all costs.

However, there were a few scandalous moments during her performance. While the gunshots are a little alarming – seriously, there should perhaps be a warning before heading in (I didn’t see one) – she also protests against police brutality and is incredibly vocal against reigning President Donald Trump. I’m not a Trump supporter, but I’m also not a devote Liberal, so there were moments of intensity that pushed an agenda. But, this is Madonna and I knew what to expect and wasn’t going to be someone who’d walk out of the glorious performance I was watching. This is Madonna’s art and it’s a site to be seen by anyone. She’s truly the eighth World Wonder. You must see Madame X.

Shout out to the guy next to us who literally passed out and convulsed on the floor. I hope it was the magic of the performance that you fainted from and not a letter of the alphabet that is used as a party drug…

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3 thoughts on “Review: Madonna’s Madame X Concert”

  1. Just been to see her show and it was the worst concert I have every been too. The music was so bad.
    She looked like a pensioner with a Zimmer frame which I can understand but the music was so bad. Think the reason no cameras are there is to stop news getting out.
    Distasteful that she exploited fans to buy a Polaroid of her when obvious they have saved up hard to go. Only got up once the dance and that was the last song.
    How you can get a refund is a question I need to ask.

    Wanted all my life to see her and so crest fallen.


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