Rick Riordan Defends Books From Bigots

Rick Riordan is the 54 year old author known for writing the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series for Disney Hyperion. The story followed a young boy, Percy, who discovered he was the son of Poseidon and embarked on a 5 book adventure. The books spawned 2 movie adaptions and a spinoff series, The Heroes of Olympus. Although the majority of the characters in his first series were white, a lot of the children had ADHD; when asked about this, Riordan told them that he had written the series for his son had ADHD. From the beginning, Riordan has been invested in stories that children can enjoy and that will allow them to see people like themselves.


After securing another multi-book deal with Disney Hyperion for his spinoff series, Riordan began to include more diversity within his novels and created a world full of rich characters that more closely resembled a world like ours. The Heroes of Olympus had characters that were of color, gay, gender fluid; his children’s books became something that cultivated acceptance and understanding among the youth.

However, Riordan is making headlines this week for clapping back at an ignorant parent on Twitter. The tweet was as follows:

After being attacked for the inclusivity in his novels, rather than ignore the criticism Riordan corrected the original critique. His response was scathing, sharp, and showed where he stands on the issue- he will fight for the inclusion of marginalized people and will not appease homophobes. All I can say is, we love an ally.

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  1. I bet she also believes Jesus

    I bet she also believes Jesus is white and that God gave America to white people. 

  2. Zeus, the chief Olympian,

    Zeus, the chief Olympian, practiced bestiality; the Minotaur was said to be his son. To the best of my knowledge, the first statue of a hermaphrodite was sculpted by a Greek. And let's not forget the statues of an erect Hermes that adorned Greeks' doorways. Clearly this parent knows very little about the ancients.


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