Roseanne Barr Continues Her Tirade!

Roseanne Barr Continues Her Tirade!

Calls Out Liberal Hollywood Celebrities Like Kathy Griffin And More!

Ohh, Lord. Another day, another asinine comment from someone during an interview or posted to social media. Seriously, I’m waiting for the “outrage” over anything and everything to come to a close, but that won’t be in the near future. As long as someone tweets an opinion, and gets more than one “like”, someone will post it into a blog post and scream at the rest to grab their torches. While many stories do carry forced outrage, one May 2018 tweet from shamed actress, Roseanne Barr, certainly did not. Now infamously, Barr tweeted a racial slur at former Barack Obama Adviser, Valerie Jarrett, and collectively pissed everyone off. Since, her revived television series, Roseanne, eliminated her as it’s leading character and rebooted itself as simply, The Connors, after many of her celebrity friends (and the world) turned on her. As most do, she’s adjusted back to life in any way she can. Recently, she spoke at the Tel Aviv International Salon Event and spoke of her experience being ejected from Hollywood last year for her comments and being a Donald Trump Supporter.

According to Haaretz, Barr was tearful (and bitter) upon receiving cheers from the crowd she was speaking in front of. Barr spoke about Trump, of course, and claimed she only voted for him because he recognized Jerusalem, loves Jewish people, and believes that is why they (heavily implied Democrats) hate him. She believes the revival of Roseanne was doomed from the beginning, as ABC Television’s then-President, Channing Dungey, always had an attitude with her and was close friends with the Obama family. Barr claimed numerous times she is not, and has never been, a racist. This is something she has reiterated many times before.  

But yeah, we know all of this already. Call me a Gossip Queen, but I found Barr’s speech to get much more interesting after she started digging into Hollywood! Barr tells her anger towards certain celebrities is still fresh in her mind and she will never forgive them. Specifically, she refers to outspoken liberals such as Sara Gilbert, Sandra Bernhard (both from the original Roseanne series and revival) and Kathy Griffin. Barr talked:

“(Hollywood) tried to kill me, they tried to end my life, and then they wrote me out of my own show with an opiod overdose which was so disrespectful. People I gave jobs to piled on (in the wake of the scandal with overwhelming hate). The network said they (Gilbert, Bernhard, and Griffin) were too ugly to be on television. In the heat of the scandal, (Griffin) called me a Nazi and Gilbert said she thinks I’m a fascist. In hindsight, I should have listened. They are all really ugly people. I don’t forgive them and I never will. I would forgive them if they apologize, but they won’t because leftists never do.”

Now, Barr is still actively commenting on Twitter and YouTube. But, wait – hilariously, whether you’d like to admit it or not – as an anonymous, internet troll! Yes, one of those people who are commenting without a photo or any sign of them being an actual real person and not an internet robot. It’s not even like she does this passively or seldom. She’s pretty addicted to it!

“I troll on YouTube 12 hours a day. I tell people: ‘You’re a Jew-hating fascist, you’re not a liberal!’ I have a lot of fake accounts. I love it.”

You can read the full rundown on Barr’s speech here.

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  1. i love roseanne, and i always

    i love roseanne, and i always will.she is lightyears away from being a racist. im totally discusted the way it all wet down.we have to be more truthful in this culture.things have become too extreme with political correctness.  mistakes people make in the heat of the moment ,are something we are all guilty of ,as normal ,flawed human beings. politics are personal to all of us ,and can change from day to day.people, need to get of their bandwagons and stop  being so self rightgeous.

  2. Indeed sad. All she has left

    Indeed sad. All she has left is to ridicule her former co-workers & peers. She came from such humble beginnings, however, at age 16, Barr was hit by a car; the incident left her with a traumatic brain injury. Her behavior changed so radically that she was institutionalized for 8 months at the Utah State Hospital. While institutionalized she had a baby, which she put up for adoption. To have struggled through so much as a young woman, established a very successful & lucrative career, then to throw it all away, to fall further into mental illness. Sad. 

  3. very sad. she’s a talented

    very sad. she's a talented woman with a lot of inner demons. It's funny how she twists the facts to fit here delusional version of events.


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