Roseanne Revival Will Have A Gender Nonconforming Child

Jackson Millarker (from Modern Family) & Sara Gilbert and Johnny Galecki

We have more information for you concerning the upcoming Roseanne revival.

Turns out there might be a gender nonconforming character in the new revival of the show.

Showbizz 411 broke the story when a casting call went out for a child actor who could play a gender nonconforming character.

The casting call states that the role demands “sensitive and effeminate” acting from the performer and “displays qualities of both young female and male traits.”

In addition, it’s known that the 9-year-old character is one of two children of Darlene, played by openly gay actress Sara Gilbert, and David, played by Big Bang Theory’s Johnny Galecki.

Just yesterday, we talked about how Roseanne will ignore the finale and have the main character’s husband, Dan, alive.

If you don’t know, the finale season of classic sitcom Roseanne went a little, or a lot, off the rails. In that season, the Connors won the lottery and became instantly rich. They then went through wacky adventures like going on luxurious trips and Roseanne’s sister flirting with a prince.

But, then on the final episode the writers decided to do a “wake up from a dream” trope where Roseanne tells the audience that everything they’d seen in the season wasn’t real. She had just made it up from her typewriter in the basement of her home.

Turns out, her Darlene wasn’t married to David, her sister Jackie was a lesbian, and Dan died!

BUT, now the show has decided to change all that up again. The writers have said that they wouldn’t ignore the ending but would have Dan alive and now we see that Darleen and David at least stayed together long enough to have two kids.

So, it’s anyone’s guess where exactly the story will be when the Roseanne revival starts up, but at least we know there will be LGBTQ characters involved when it does.

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