RuPaul’s Drag Race Star Naomi Smalls Has A Not so ‘Small’ Package

RuPaul's Drag Race season 8 finalist Naomi Smalls (Davis Heppenstall) just might be one of the show's most handsome men outside of her leggy & gorgeous drag personality.

Her upbeat and fun presence, beat mug and killer looks easily propelled her from being the first one to enter the werk room in episode one all the way to the finale at the end of the season, where she fought for the crown alongside Kim Chi and Bob the Drag Queen.  Spoiler alert two years later: Bob won.

Naomi, who boasts an Instagram following of roughly 800,000 people, took to her Instagram stories yesterday to discuss how a psychic medium told her she wouldn't make it as a drag queen and should focus on underwear modeling instead.

That psychic may have a point, based on the photo she posted.  And if this is the real deal (it looks to be), then she deserves an award for best tuck job given just how big it is in that pair of Calvin Kleins.

Fun fact about Naomi.  I interviewed her during the season eight finale party in NYC, where one of my guests happened to be a legendary gay porn star.  When she realized who it was, she told me she was worried that she would, well, lose her tuck.  Now I understand why she was so concerned.

Pic below:



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