San Diego Pride Considers Donating $170K Worth Of Profits

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San Diego Pride’s giving back, and it’s giving back a lot.

San Diego Pride has announced on Thursday that it will be donating more than $170,000 to 59 different LGBTQ-serving charities and organizations around the world.

According to Patch, San Diego Pride has so much money to spend after having a successful 2018 Pride. They now plan to give over that extra money back to LGBTQ people.

“San Diego Pride, its events and year-round programming are made possible by our over 30 LGBTQ-serving nonprofit community partners, 87 sponsors, 5,600 volunteer shifts, 22,000 volunteers hours, 45,000 Festival attendees, and 250,000 Parade attendees,” San Diego Pride Executive Director Fernando Lopez said. “It is this collective effort that builds on the legacy of those who came before us that makes this level of philanthropy possible.”

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“Our giving will have a tangible impact on projects locally, nationally, and globally that support and sustain LGBTQ communities in a myriad of ways,” added San Diego Pride’s Director of Philanthropy Sarafina Scapicchio. “This year’s grants will help create new LGBTQ youth programs, feed and house people living with HIV, fund multiple LGBTQ-focused performing arts projects, provide legal support for LGBTQ victims of sex trafficking, scholarships for transgender students, emergency housing for homeless LGBTQ people and so much more.”

As for which organizations San Diego Pride will donate to, some organizations include Accra Pride, Associação de Educação do Homem de Amanhã de Brasília, Being Alive San Diego, Blindspot Collective, Breakthrough Workshop Theatre, Casa Ruby, Inc., and more.

San Diego Pride plans to donate to Pride Community Grants to fund youth programs, sobriety services, LGBTQ arts and culture programs, queer communities of color, transgender community support programs, and health and human services programs.

Check out the official press release for more info and the full list of recipients.

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