Sense8 Cast and Crew Made A Heartwarming Video To Thank Their Fans

The showrunner, cast, and crew of Sense8 want to thank all the fans who helped the show get some closure. And how are they doing it? Through a 15 minute video.

Instinct Magazine's been there through every phase of the show, so if you missed a step or aren’t a fan of the show we’re here to get you up to date.

Sense8 is a Netflix original sci-fi show about 8 individuals living around the globe. Some in live in America, one in Kenya, one in Germany, one in South Korea, etc.

One day, they discover that they are connected to each other psychically. They can not only hear each other’s thoughts, but they can feel each other’s sensations and they can use each other’s skills like language and fighting skills. (And then of course, there’s an evil corporation out to kill them because they fear the next step in evolution).

The series had a slow start which caused it to only keep a cult following, but was well received by both fans and critics.

But, that small viewer base, plus the fact that the second season of the show cost about 9 million per episode (because of flying the main cast all over the world and hiring new staff at every location), lead to the show eventually getting cancelled.

But, thanks to the loving fans of Sense8 who would not stop asking for at least some closure to the show, Netflix decided to renew the series for a two-hour finale.

And now Lana Wachowski, the show creator, showrunner, and writer, as well as members of the cast and crew created a 15-minute video to thank all of their fans for making this production miracle happen.

You can check out the video down below.

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