Should We Be Jealous Of Sugar Babies?

Should We Be Jealous Of Sugar Babies?

Are You Willing To Do Whatever It Takes For Luxury?

Eeep! This conversation may be a bit taboo to discuss, but I think finally it’s the appropriate time: Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies! I mean, why not discuss this at the height of Stormy Daniels sleeping with the President and American Crime Story: Versace which is essentially a series about a man obsessed with money, among other things, who went on to kill older, wealthy men he’d been allegedly sleeping with. Have you ever had a Sugar Daddy? Yes, I’m capitalizing the title as if it’s an Executive job, because it might as well be. I know a handful of people who would literally blackmail their relatives for some extra cash and an easy way in: On their back. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’d consider myself to have ever have had a Sugar Daddy [insert the GIF of Shangela throwing a drink]. Believe me, that doesn’t mean I didn’t need one, but the most I’ve gotten out of anything was a complimentary dinner with heavy flirtation. If I’ve ever gotten my rent paid by someone else, oh boy, my life would’ve literally been made…for that month.

Social Media has ignited a plethora of jobs, opinions, and online personalities. Lots of them, as we witness, are flying overseas and experiencing some of what we all wish to do. While I applaud a handful of them for being paid advertisements and moving up the corporate ladder correctly, I have had a side eye at some of the select people who I choose to follow on Social Media – including folks, primarily younger gay men – who I’ve met in person.

For example: Let’s call my acquaintance Charles. Charles is adorable. His teeth are flawless, he’s half naked in not all- but every – one of his social media pictures. I’m pretty certain I’ve seen Charles bent over more than I’ve seen my own self. Anyway, as sweet and lovely as Charles is, I’m well aware he is unemployed outside of Instagram photoshoots with mediocre followers and he always seems to be traveling somewhere in the god damn world! Jealous? Hell yeah! That is until…I started piecing all of this together:

Charles, hailing from the incredibly wealthy small state of Missouri, is living lavishly…but, he’s always alone. This begged the question: Where are his friends?! He has to have some. He goes to dinner every night and only takes photos of his own food, selfies in front of various, popular Los Angeles restaurants, and is in first class flying everywhere! Who is he there with?! Why is he never in a photo with someone else during these experiences? Hell, after the age of 25 (which is being generous for him), you shouldn’t even be remotely embarrassed to showcase your family anymore!

Then, like lightening, it hit me. Charles has a Sugar Daddy! Charles IS a Sugar Baby! It all makes so much sense now and I’m a fool for thinking otherwise. After coming to this realization, I actually messaged Charles to see if he’d like to get dinner when he’s back in town. I mean, I’d like to partake in this Sugar Daddy money in someway – let’s definitely go to Pump Restaurant in West Hollywood, girl! BUT, I want to grill him on a few questions. Is he really happy traveling around the world with someone who is he uncomfortable to share a simple photo with? Is the person he’s with happy to not have any photos? I mean, this person could be closeted or married, but…I’m leaning towards whoever is taking him on these luxurious, nearly weekly vacations, isn’t anyone you’d want to be in public with.

I’m sincerely happy that I am not galivanting around the globe with someone who I’m embarrassed to post on my social media. I know when the time is right – and I’m meant to be traveling – I will be doing so with either my loved one, relatives, or – the greatest part – my best friends. I don’t want to have to think of Australia and know that yes, I did see Sydney Opera House, but I was looking at it with my eyes while someone’s hand was on my back who made my skin crawl. To be honest, I don’t know Charles and shouldn’t be so quick to judge, but I’m happy to not be in his shoes- even if they are Louis Vuitton.

Are you jealous of Sugar Babies because they seemingly live a life of luxury?

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  1. You have a photo of Tom Daley

    You have a photo of Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black, implying DLB is TD's sugar daddy and that TD is a sugar baby. Outside thre gay community and maybe some movie buffs, does anyone know who DLB is? Not exactly a household name. In England, Tom Daley is a huge celebrity. Chances are his net worth is higher than DLB. 

    • Dustin Lance Black Net Worth:

      Dustin Lance Black Net Worth: Dustin Lance Black is a renowned American screenwriter, film and television producer as well as a director who has a net worth of $6 million,

      Tom Daley net worth: Tom Daley is a British Olympian who has a net worth of $4 million dollars.

      In the US, other than the gay community, and perhaps those who follow diving, Tom Daley is an unknown.

      Dustin Lance Black is a screenwriter and director and has written work that gained him prestigious Hollywood awards, including an Oscar. Dustin's first effort was a gay romance film called The Journey of Jared Price, that he wrote and directed.

      In 2001, Dustin was hired to write on the HBO series Big Love, before he began work on a feature film about the life and work of the first openly gay American politician Harvey Milk. The film, titled Milk, was eventually released in 2008 and was met with critical acclaim, earning Dustin a Writers Guild of America Award, as well as an Academy Award. Dustin has since worked on more projects profiling influential figures, including AIDS activist Pedro Zamora in 2009. Dustin also wrote the screenplay for J.Edgar, a film that starred Leonardo Dicaprio and was directed by Clint Eastwood. Black was the top entry on a list of openly gay influential people in The Advocate's "Forty under 40" issue of June/July 2009, and was featured on the cover of the magazine.

      • I agree that Dustin Lance

        I agree that Dustin Lance Black is not an unknown but he is not a Hollywood A List celebrity either. He is accomplished and it is my understanding he is a huge behind the scenes player politically. Tom Daley is a huge name in England where Olympic athletes do achieve celebrity status. However, his star is fading and unless he has talents other than diving, I don't foresee commercial endorsements or celebrity status in the United States. However. If Black is worth $6 Million and Daley $4 million,neither married for the money. 

        • I actually don’t think DLB &

          I actually don't think DLB & Tom Daly are proper poster boys for the article. More for click baiting you into the article. DLB is very well known in the states (where Tom isn't) and Tom Daly is well known in Britain (where DLB is not so much). However, they're both Very accomplished and self made in their respective careers and neither one dependent on the other for any resources.

  2. I have always had brilliant

    I have always had brilliant and hot boyfriends. Why not?  If you can swing it and I could. Why should I settle for less than I can get ? Fuck that. Now I'm 62 and have 7.5 million dollars to retire on, because I knew how to collect swag along the way……

  3. So pissed you used their

    So pissed you used their photo for your salacious story! Both of these individuals work hard to support themselves!


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