Should Will & Grace End Sooner Than Later? We’re Still Watching, But …

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I was ecstatic when news broke out about Will & Grace getting a reboot. What was initially a simple promotional thing for former Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in 2016 eventually turned into the show being back on the small screen for many of us to enjoy.

Over the past two years, I have dissected every single episode that the creators have put out since its premiere in September 2017. The first season of the reboot was a way to reintroduce the four characters we have known and loved for twenty years now: Will (Eric McCormack), Grace (Debra Messing), Jack (Sean Hayes) and Karen (Megan Mullally).

It was also an opportunity to catch up on where they are now, which really became more of a reset button for each of them given that the original finale in 2006 was simply in Karen’s mind. It was an interesting route for the show to take, given that Will and Vince (Bobby Cannavale) and Grace and Leo (Harry Connick Jr.) would have children almost entering high school at this point. There’s a part of me that wonders how radically different the show would be if they kept that storyline intact.

Much of the first season of the reboot was bringing back other characters as well and seeing how they’re doing. It was fun to watch but lacked what the show had during its original inception. Maybe it's because of how things are so drastically different than 2006 or maybe the writing is just very different, but there was something off. Still, I loved watching the show every Thursday night as it was something to look forward to before the weekend began.

The second season, however, has been a major shift downwards that really isn’t fun watching anymore. There’s nothing that inspiring about how these characters are developing that makes it worth the watch anymore. Also, many episodes seemed jumbled and not in cohesion with one another as they jump from topic to topic without ever really diving into them as the segments seem shorter and shorter (Will’s mother marrying Grace’s father, Jack’s upcoming wedding, etc).

A big focus this season revolves around Grace’s relationship with a super negative guy named Noah, played by David Schwimmer. In one of my recent recaps, I said that their chemistry on screen is very boring and monotonous and I don’t really see where they are going with it as there always seems to be an inevitable problem each episode. That’s par for the course in any sitcom, but there’s something lacking that makes me want to fast forward through their scenes every single time I watch.

Will continues to have zero, I mean ZERO-character development. Would it kill the writers to give him a relationship? He had one and a half (that short time with Taye Diggs included) in the entirety of the series yet the show is STILL ultimately about the lives of a gay man and his female roommate. Why is the love focus always on her and never on him?

As for Jack and Karen, they are great. It’s no surprise that Megan was the only one to receive an Emmy nomination this year (although Sean deserved it as well), as she’s been the saving “Grace” in all of this. Her emotional moments with the loss of Rosario (Shelley Morrison) have been touching to watch as is her navigating life amid all the troubles with Stan.

Jack is still up to his usual hijinx of trying to make it in life similarly to what Joey (Matt LeBlanc) did on Friends many years ago. It isn’t enough, however, to save this series from watching as they are still secondary characters to the two main ones.

I’m not sure what Will & Grace has to do at this point to pick up momentum, but the ratings for the most recent episode hit new lows compared to how well it performed earlier this year. I can’t be the only one picking up on this, so it might be time for the writers to figure out how to shift each of these characters for the better before this beloved and iconic series goes the way my last date: canceled.

7 thoughts on “Should Will & Grace End Sooner Than Later? We’re Still Watching, But …”

  1. Your article’s points are

    Your article's points are spot-on and a great summation of the W&G reboot and second season. It's like they've returned and become the late 2010s' version of the late 1950s' hourlong Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz specials made after those two iconic TV stars decided to end their regular half-hour ILL series.

    I'm shocked that we don't see Will having more romantic relationships and fun more openly on the show. In 2018, it makes him seem way more dysfunctional than I think his core character is meant to or should be. I'm weary of the Grace-centric relationship episodes usually only. 

    I think, unfortunately, some of the show's and ensemble's touch with "demented reality" occurred when the late Debbie Reynolds' character couldn't be brought back, and when the Rosario character was killed off. Their interaction with the cast helped weave a family type of bond and affection through the four principal characters' weekly interactions with a variety of dates, co-workers and acquaintances that come and go.

    WGJK also all seem more to be "calling it in," and becoming caricatures of their characters. They aren't growing and developing. Good for them for giving TV audiences the much-needed example of older characters again, who are portrayed as living and loving life, and still being sexy, fun, goodlooking and cool. But it's a little incredulous that these four would still be living their lives alone–or rather, essentially still living with or in the same proximity to one another–all these many years later. Then there's the "laugh tracks," which more frequently seem not just overly sweetened, but not in synch with being the audience reactions recorded at the same time as the show action we're watching. Too much more quick editing, camera-filming, and less carefully blocked scenes, including of the main four interacting in the same scenes as regularly.

    We need W&G–culturally, psychologically, ethically, humorously–so much, on so many levels. The characters and the show have become iconic: Please, producers and NBC, don't not take good care of and continue to develop them now, in the 2010s!

  2. It’s one of the rare shows

    It's one of the rare shows that I can watch that will make me literally laugh out loud. It's all about Jack and Karen. Will is dull, but he's good enough as filler. Grace is completely unfunny, and her character is completely unlikable.  I just can't be bothered watching any scene with her in it. 

    • I agree that it is the 1 show

      I agree that it is the 1 show I can watch for 1/2 an hour and catch myself laughing out loud as well.  I am so glad they brought it back at a time when we need to laugh

  3. Will and Grace IS boring!!!!

    Will and Grace IS boring!!!! The comedy seems forced,the characters havent grown at all and its insulting that Will as a Handsome,smart gay man, doesnt have a love life.

  4. While I watch it if I can, I

    While I watch it if I can, I'm not as interested in it as I was when it was on the first time. It being cancelled wouldn't bother me. I'm much more interested in the revival of Murphy Brown, because I'm a huge Candace Bergen fan, but that's already been cancelled. 

    There need to be more Nielson Ratings things and surveys asking the public, especially the GLBTQ public, what they'd like on TV. There are dozens of old movies I'd love to see.


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