Singer Greyson Chance Comes Out On Instagram

Greyson Chance, the young singer who was discovered by Ellen Degeneres after a viral video of him singing Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi hit the web, took to Instagram with his official coming out story. Chance was inspired by someone else to share his own coming out publicly.



In seeing a greater number of coming out stories being publicized many may think that it is becoming more of the ‘norm’ to come out and may not even be necessary. Some are even outed by others or not given the chance to own their identity when we acknowledge that "we already knew" or "suspected". Who are we to take that away from someone else?

I think what we forget how intimate and necessary the coming out process is to each individual. We spend a lifetime coming to terms with who we are and trying to break down the barriers we face in society so to see that there are individuals who come out public and embrace themselves fully is still a beautiful thing.

Congratulations, Greyson—may you continue to inspire others to take command of themselves so that if/when they are ready, they may also have the special moment of their coming out story.

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