Single Father Karamo Brown Had A Heart-To-Heart With Twitter About Parenting

Credit: Zach Alston

We here at Instinct have already shared how much we love Karamo Brown (just look at all the articles we've written about him!), but WOW does this guy make it hard NOT to love him.

Acting as one of the new Fab Five, Karamo Brown has found that being on the road to produce Queer Eye is a challenging job. While he’s loving what he’s doing, he also feels bad about being on the move away from his sons. As a single father on the road, he can’t help but feel a little guilty.

As Karamo tweeted out yesterday (April 16), these feelings won't go away.

As you might expect, all of his followers and fans (and even some strangers who just happened to come across the tweet) shared words of love and acceptance back at the rising star.

We at Instinct Magazine have to, again, express how much we love Karamo Brown for how goal-driven he is while still keeping his humanity and down-to-earth personality.

We know his sons are honored to be his children and we’re sure that they love their dad for the work that he is doing.

What do you think?