So, Selfie Related Deaths Are A Thing!

People Are Literally Dying Over Their Selfies!

The Staggering Number Of Selfie-Deaths Isn’t Laughable!

#OHMYGOD! Seriously!? Okay, so I’m aware that everyone craves the instant gratitude of a like on any of their pictures, but would you die for one? Sheesh, thinking more into it: I know a handful of narcissistic people in West Hollywood who are living for likes. Perhaps none of us will be able to out-like one of the Kardashians, but that doesn’t mean everyone isn’t trying to perfect their perfect selfie.

According to CNN, some people are actually dying to take the best selfie. Apparently, just under 300 people have died from taking selfies since 2011. The majority of these deaths have occurred in India, followed by Russia, and coming in third is none other than the good ole’ U-S-of-A. #Groan! Ironically, 72% of the victims are men under the age of 30. Jeez, I fall directly into that age bracket! Research provided states women take more selfies than men. Yet, men are more willing to take a risk for their selfies, including hanging on the edge of a cliff.

While dangerous animals, trains, and drowning are the leading causes of selfie-deaths, the USA has the most deaths for people accidently shooting themselves while taking a selfie with a gun. #FacePalm.

I mean, after all of this: May we really just say the main reason of selfie deaths is people not having any common sense? The stupidity of it all!

I’m not much of a selfie person, but below is my latest when I was actually feelin’ myself. So, show me how much better yours is than mine!





Cause I’m still hood Hollywood couldn’t change me

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