Something For Everyone: Beefy, Beach Life, Furballs & Banana Jokes

Celebrating Sunday with some of our favorite Instagram posts this week.


International pop star Ricky Martin was serving up some blond-bearded leather daddy vibes in his photo shoot for Schön! Magazine (above).

Recording artist Melieck summons the power of the sun – “Summer glow in full effect.”


HawaiiMuscleBear is living the Waikiki out of Sunday:

Billy Reilich lightens the day with some comedy: Why do bananas need sunscreen? Because they peel…


Former UK boy bander Duncan James lamented getting “thicker” and less lean thanks to the pandemic. See the before and after below. We think he looks just FINE…

Beefy bear Moe embraced his inner dork:


Hunter Harden is giving you full-on furball for the weekend:


Ashley Parker Angel, formerly of the boy band O-Town, grew up for reals.


What happens when folks call Curtis Fitzgerald late at night:

Former ‘Bachelor’ star Colton Underwood dropped his first thirst trap since coming out:


CrossFit athlete Nick Dompierre was living his beast best life working out on the beach:

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  1. Colton Underwood??? Uh….nope! Go on t.v, make a ass out of yourself by lying to everyone with your, im saving myself and good christian values bullshit and now you want everyone to applaud you for being brave and coming out? All you did was give the LGBT community another black eye. Thanks for playing 🙄 but, no thanks!


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