Sony Pictures Bought Distribution Rights To Argentinian Gay Adoption Film “Los Adoptantes”

Diego Gentile (top right) and Rafel Spregelburd (top left) in “Los Adoptantes” / Image via FilmSharks

A new film about gay fathers and adoption is on the way.

According to Variety, Sony Pictures Television has bough the rights to distribute Los Adoptantes or The Adopters in Latin America.

Los Adoptantes follows Diego Gentile and Rafel Spregelburd as a gay couple on the journey towards meeting their future child. Tv show host Martin is desperate to be a father, despite his partner Leonardo being against the idea. Then, a longtime friend of Martin’s, a female athlete and participant in his therapy group, asks him to be her sperm donor. The three then undergo a journey towards parenthood.

Sony is set to release the Argentinian film in three Latin American territories, excluding Argentina itself. Then talks are underway with FilmSharks Intl., the film’s sales agent, for getting the film distributed across the U.S., Spain, the U.K., and Germany.

While this is all going on, the film is still in post-production. The movie was conceptualized by director Argentine Daniel Gimelberg, who is gay and adopted himself. Gimelberg also had the help of his co-director Catalan auteur Cesc Gay.

We’ll keep you updated for when the film is picked up for distribution anywhere outside of Latin America.

h/t: Variety

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