Sorry Cochran: ‘Survivor’ Casts Its Hottest Ginger Ever!

Credit: Tommy Sheehan Instagram

Survivor has once again found another yummy crop of hot guys competing for the million dollar prize.

The show’s 39th season, Survivor: Island of the Idols, premiered on Wednesday, September 25. It features two returning champions: Sandra Diaz-Twine (Survivor: Pearl Islands and Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains) and “Boston Rob” Mariano (Survivor: Redemption island) acting as mentors to the new group of competitors.

Whoever casts Survivor must be aware that some of us (hand raised) tune in to see the men competing in various states of near-nakedness. The Emmy-winning series has produced some of the hottest guys to ever appear on reality television over the past twenty years including Michael Yerger (Survivor: Ghost Island), James Clement (Survivor: China, Survivor: Fans vs. Favorites, Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains) and many more.

The show has also done a decent job at highlighting a couple of sexy ginger men for us to gawk at. Patrick Bolton from Survivor: Heroes vs. Hustlers vs. Heroes was a good example of this. If twinks are your thing, then John Cochran (Survivor: South Pacific, Survivor: Caramoan) will do the trick.

Tommy Sheehan, who is competing on the latest season of the long-running CBS series, is arguably the hottest ginger that has ever been on the show. I mean… look at him! Wait, there’s something better than this to stare at.

Boing! Furry, muscular, and a great smile? Sign us up. Tommy isn’t the only eye candy on Survivor this season. Take a look at three others that we hope won’t get their torches snuffed anytime soon.

Dean Kowalski

Ronnie Bardah

Jack Nichting






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  1. Yeah, Tommy’s hot, but his personality is crap. I predicted him to win on day one. I hope I’m wrong. Dean’s hot. Aaron’s hot but is a douchebag. I hope a woman wins!


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