“Spoopy” Gives Sharon Needles Mashes The Monsters (And So Much More) On Her Latest Album!

Ever since she grabbed the title of “America’s Next Drag Superstar” on Season 4 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Sharon Needles has been a game changer, paving her own beautifully spooky path with her carefully curated material. Since her first single “This Club Is A Haunted House” her music has always contained a unique and dark perspective, with elements of artists like Marilyn Manson, Blondie, and a little bit of Amanda LePore thrown in (a personal hero of Needles, paid homage to in her single “I Wish I Were Amanda LePore”). From pop heroes like Andy Warhol and Joan Crawford to cultural moments like Dynasty catfights, Needles’ material zeroes in on what makes America tick and puts her own stunningly spooky spin on it, celebrating the freaks all over the world.

On her latest album, “Spoopy”, Needles has taken some of our favorite classic Halloween tracks and redone them in her own unique style, putting an even spookier take on tracks that are patented Sharon Needles, along with some that are completely unexpected gems. The premiere video for the kitsch-tastic classic “Monster Mash” (directed by the consistently stellar Brad Hammer) has Art Direction from fellow stunner Aurora Sexton. Needles slinks into the track seamlessly, and the video is filmed in a retro and classic pinup style. It features Needles partying on the beach, joined by classic-styled background singers and a very familiar All Stars winner….

The remainder of Spoopy is the perfect melding of our favorite Queen of all things spooky along with Halloween classics, but also some interesting and definitely on brand tracks. Needles completely shreds AC/DC’s  “Highway To Hell”, which is a strong and welcome departure for this always daring artist. Needles’ version of “Devil With A Blue Dress” would make original artist Mitch Ryder proud, while her take on Rockwell’s 80’s classic “Somebody’s Watching Me” gets a more ominous turn in the hands of Ms. Needles, turning the pop anthem into a Halloween anthem for the next generation.

Grab a copy of Spoopy here: https://ada.lnk.to/SharonNeedles

Art Courtesy of Albert Sanchez

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