Strong Ensemble Of Actors Gives New Series Depth & Nuance

Matt Moran as Billy in ‘Stranger Hearts’ (all images via Dekkoo)

Queer streaming platform Dekkoo will premiere its new drama series, Stranger Hearts, on Thursday, March 12.

Created by filmmaker Kevin James Thornton (“How To Get From Here To There”), the five-episode series follows three queer characters from vastly divergent backgrounds: Luka (played by Amo (MTV’s “The Real World” 2016), Billy (played by Matt Moran), and Andre (newcomer Qua Robertson Harper).

Andre, a shy, closeted African-American man, lives with his mother (played by Keisha Cunningham). After accidentally finding her son’s stash of gay porn, she makes sensitive attempts to connect with her son as he struggles with his burgeoning sexuality. Cunningham’s work throughout the series is especially nuanced and authentic.

Qua Robertson Harper as Andre in ‘Stranger Hearts’

Billy, a smooth-talking media mogul by day/leather bar aficionado by night, finds his life turned upside down when he’s faced with an unexpected health crisis. 

And Luka is a gender-nonconforming photographer who finds himself down on his luck financially who decides to try online escorting in an attempt to make ends meet.

Described by the network as “thoughtful, sexy and deeply heartfelt,” the new drama doesn’t rush to hit you over the head with scandalous, over-the-top scenes. Instead, the pace – while not slow – is pensive and precise. Thornton often allows his actors’ eyes or facial expressions to convey a moment’s plot point rather than verbose language.

Amo as Luka in ‘Stranger Hearts’

Eventually, the three characters are soon connected via work, family, or fate.

Make sure you reach the final episode as Thornton offers surprises, big and small, along the way.

As more and more queer content becomes available online, it’s refreshing that Stranger Hearts doesn’t opt for stereotypic, cookie-cutter characters.

All five episodes of the first season of Stranger Hearts will be available on Dekkoo beginning March 12th.  Dekkoo is available internationally via iTunes, Google Play, Xbox, AppleTV, Xfinity X1 and Roku. 

In the U.S. and U.K., Dekkoo is also available via Prime Channels.  


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