Stuck At Home With Nothing To Do During Coronavirus? Dance!

Professional dancer Mark Kanemura (images via Instagram)

It seems practically every hour a new announcement is made that this event or that festival has been either postponed or canceled thanks to the ongoing threat from the coronavirus.

We’re being told it’s best to stay home as much as possible to practice the latest craze, “social distancing.”

But with so much home time on our hands, what are we to do other than binge-watch all those Netflix shows and movies we might be behind on?

Instagram sensation Mark Kanemura decided he would dance the blues away.

And he invited his 672,000+ followers to join him.

For the past few days, Kanemura, a former dancer for Lady Gaga and contestant on “So You Think You Can Dance,” has been hosting virtual dance parties on his Instagram Live.

On Friday, he invited “people from all over the world” to join him in a “collective energy of love and dance!”

And thousands showed up.

By Sunday, Kanemura attracted national attention from outlets like the TODAY Show and more.

“I am in the same boat,” he shared with the TODAY Show. “Everything that was lined up got canceled and postponed. I’m stuck at home and there’s not much I can do, but one thing I can do is these dance parties and connect with people.”

The ‘dance parties’ last about 10-15 minutes. Sunday’s party (yes, we ‘attended’) consisted of two songs with the dance pro spontaneously teaching a set of easy to follow steps and repeating them so folks at home could dance along.

During the event, the Los Angeles-based dancer asked that folks chime in with where they were in the world. The list of locales included Florida, New York, Poland, Denmark, Italy and more. For most of the ‘dance,’ there were over 3,000 people taking part.

For a finale, Kanemura ended his virtual-tea dance with a rain of confetti.

He was back at it today decked out in hot pink shorts and rainbow socks and even added his own glitter ball.

Let’s hear it for folks who are doing their part to lift spirits during an uncertain time.

You can follow Kanemura on Instagram here. To watch the live dance parties, click over to his Instagram account at the announced time, then click on his avatar in the upper left-hand corner which will read “Live” when he’s logged in.

Bravo, Mark Kanemura!

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