Student’s Vogue Performance Goes Viral

Screenshot via Twitter @missthickums69

One classroom got rocked with gay pride last week, and we wish we could have been there to see it.

A Bronx-born college student, writer, and filmmaker nicknamed Queso posted a video to Twitter that later went viral. To caption the video, Queso wrote, “For my Afro Latino history class, we had to share a project that displayed a creative outlet & I decided to vogue..the n***as in the room were not ready.”

YouTuber Tyler Oakley, openly gay Olympian Adam Rippon, and Drag Queen BenDeLaCreme all replied to the initial tweet with praise.

“your classmates don’t deserve you!!” wrote Oakey.

“You get an A+ forever,” responded BenDeLaCreme.

The non-binary artist’s video and performance is the latest in a long history of queer people of color performing their hearts out. Voguing was an art form that blossomed in the queer ballroom scene of New York City and the American South. Queer people of color, and most notably black transwomen, used vogue and the ballroom scene to create a community and place to express themselves when no one else accepted them.

Madonna then spotlighted the dance style in 1990 and the beloved documentary Paris is Burning immortalized the era/culture. Then, FX’s Pose spotlighted it once again.

We’re sure that the performers who came before Queso would be pleased by their performance.

h/t: GSN

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