Study Finds Men’s Beards Contain More Germs Than Dogs’ Fur

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After Hearing This, Will You Still Be Attracted To Men With Facial Hair?

Want to know the least likely way to make me wet? Have a beard. Call me a primadonna twink all you want, but I’ve never been attracted to a guy with a beard. The more I think about it, perhaps my ex has been rocking a beard for two years now after years of torment from me. Questions of the universe, right? Regardless, you won’t see me kissing someone only to be pricked by surrounding hair. Turns out I may have been dodging a bullet filled with bacteria all these years of my discrimination against the beards and men who rock them.

According to BBC UK, your dog is likely cleaner than their bearded boyfriend. Swiss Scientists claim there is a higher amount of germs in male beard bristles than in fur of dogs. Researchers swabbed eighteen men and thirty various dog breeds to determine who was the grossest. Of course it’s the ones rolling around in mud and chewing with their mouths open: The men. Nasty, right?! Apparently, every bearded man tested (aged between eighteen and seventy-six years old) had high counts of bacteria compared to only twenty-three of the dogs. Seven of the men may give you goosebumps for a different reason: They had so much bacteria in their beards it’s a health risk.

Maybe it’s time to tell that really hot guy you keep seeing at the coffee shop to shave his beard?

Experts say you should be regularly shampooing and grooming your beard, so if you have one, please take care of it!

Source: BBC UK

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  1. They tested the neck hair of the Dogs and the hair under the lips on men….. someone does not like bearded men!!! ?


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