Summer Vibes, Outdoor Showers + More InstaHunks

Rounding up some favorite InstaHunks including Austin Wolf exploring the beaches of Provincetown
Austin Wolf (via Instagram)

Sharing some favorite Instagram posts of the week beginning with the “buff in blue” Austin Wolf who explored the beaches of Provincetown:

Sterling Walker found a gorgeous view of Los Angeles:

Nico Greetham shared behind the scenes pics from the set of American Horror Stories:

Michael Adamas enjoyed the summer vibes of Barcelona:

Coffee or not, Shomari Francis has an infectious smile:

Brock O’Hurn shaved for the first time in years:

Okkar Min Maung took a walk on NYC’s east side:

Bruno Baba made a big splash:

Matteo took a shower outside in Italy:

Ken XY and DJ Kidd shared a dreamy summer moment:

GayUncleMario served up this heaping helping of gay memes (be sure to swipe):

Wilson Cruz was happy to be home in New York City:

Hunter Harden got his Xanadu on:

BigDipperJelly threw down some “jiggle in the middle” moves:

Amaya Jameal is grateful for 39 trips around the sun. Make sure you swipe right.

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