Super Buff Michael Fassbender Gets his Surf on in Mexico

Many of us having been crushing on Michael Fassbender hard since his Golden Globe nominated performance in the film Shame, where he gave us more than we could ever bargain for (see why here). 

Michael has been definitely hitting the gym over the past couple of years, as his buffed up features were on full display during a recent vacation in Mexico.  The Steve Jobs actor looked smoking hot as he enjoyed some fun in the sun on the beach in Cabo San Lucas, where he got in some surfing and rays as a result.

Sadly (maybe not for him, more for us), but he is a taken man, as Michael is married to Academy Award winning actress Alicia Vikander.  She accompanied him for the trip, where the Tomb Raider star got cozy with her man and we became super jealous in the process.  

The Daily Mail posted those smoking hot photos and more, which you can find here.

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