Super Cutie Blake MItchell’s 5 Hottest Instagram Pics

Facts are facts: Blake Mitchell is a straight up studmuffin (SP?)

The lovable porn star has gone completely outside the lines of the stereotypes that men like him face in the industry, as he's proven to be so much more than just a hot body. 

For one: he is now a published author, as his book His Own Way Out was officially released on Thursday. He describes it as a "fictionalized account of true events." You can buy it here on Amazon.

"Blake Mitchell knows a bit about enough things and a lot about a few," the books description reads. "While the teenager is unsure of which direction to take in life, he's aware the road he's on is a direct route to desolation. Being outed as bisexual in the bluegrass state is alienating, and the events to follow are worse. Still, Blake is driven–by any means necessary–to make something more of himself. Identifying an opening, Blake paves a path and finds His Own Way Out."

Not only that, but he's a diehard Ariana Grande fan (and an expert at guessing her fiance Pete Davidson's package size), and has also gotten quite real about the pressures a porn career has on dating in the real world. 

Oh, and to reiterate… he's adorable, cute, and looks like an expert cuddler (sure, I've watched some of his Helix Studio scenes. So what?)

Let's break down what his five hottest Instagram photos are as a way to get a good jumpstart (pun intended) into the weekend.



Texas mirror selfie feat Bandit Body by @benfitness360 / @ben_mf15

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Pride season is always pimple season for me

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Never stop glowing up. Body by @benfitness360 New frames by @warbyparker #WBxTO

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This is so low qual, probably deleting later

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