‘Survivor’ Hunk Tony Vlachos’ Throwback Pic is Simply Droolworthy

Credit: CBS

You can always count on the internet to do some deep digging on a variety of topics. Sometimes the end results of their discoveries are ones that fill your heart with joy or bring your mind to a simply happy (and sometimes naughty) place.

The latter couldn’t have been truer than when someone managed to dig up one of the sexiest pics out there of Survivor alum Tony Vlachos from back in the day where his body was nothing short of absolutely amazing to look at (still is to this day).

Credit: CBS

A refresher for those who are unaware of the New Jersey native and his rise in the reality television world. Tony, 45, originally competed in Survivor: Cagayan in 2014. His over the top antics and unique gameplay earned him an 8-1 win in a season that is largely considered by the show’s fanbase to be one of the best its ever had. He didn’t fare too well when he returned for Survivor: Game Changers in 2017, however, when his torched was snuffed on day six.

Tony is still competing on this season’s Survivor: Winners at War, which pits twenty past winners against each other for the ultimate grand prize of one million dollars and the biggest bragging rights one could have out of the Emmy-winning reality competition series.

He’s also one of several pieces of eye candy to look at in various states of undress as the show continues. Other hotties alongside him (bold indicates they won that season) include Yul Kwon (Cook Islands), Tyson Apostol (TocantinsHeroes vs. VillainsBlood vs. Water) and Jeremy Collins (San Juan del SurCambobia). 

Credit: Instagram

The Adonis-like competitor must have been a bodybuilder at some point (he’s current a police officer) as someone dug up this photo of him (see above) from back in the day. Talk about an exciting #TBT (yes, it can be a Throwback Tuesday instead of Thursday) to look at. Woof, yum, and delicious are just three words to describe what he used to and still looks like to this day. 

Survivor: Winners at War airs Wednesday nights on CBS.

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