Sweaty and Out of Breath–These Gay Bears Are Living for the Art of Voguing

Nothing makes me feel heavier and bigger than going to the club. Whenever I’m there I realize how putting on some pounds over the last few years has essentially made me more lethargic and with an inability to move to my favorite songs. I use to slay on the dance floor! Now I just STAY at the bar—and watch from afar.

I live for the queens who can vogue or duck walk across the floor, but while I admire it, I don’t think I’d try because I’d just fall over. But then I witness some drag queens, who are possibly a little thicker and juicier than I am who have wigs on wigs on wigs and are padded and snatched for the GAWDS who struggle, but turn out a good voguing and dancing number. It makes me want to learn!

Like these guys—three bears who took a class on voguing and learned a thing or two about unleashing your inner fierceness through figure eights, voguing, cat walks, and duck walks. They broke a sweat, to say the least, I am sore just watching them.

Watch these beefy boys bring it to the runway in this video. Category is: Bear Ballroom!


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