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Working too much? How would it be to have men sending you pictures all the time?  We love being tagged on Instagram so we don;t have to go searching for hotties of all kinds. We love seeing the diversity of our readers.  Here are some if this past week's peeps that tagged Instinct on Instagram: @instinctmagazine

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 We love @pzdowney 's biline on his Instagram … Be yourself; everyone else is already taken .. we just want to know, is he taken?  Are there applications?  Can you play doctor with us?  Of course we don't know his personality from just viewing him on Instagram, but he looks good showing off his biggest organ in this post. Check out his account for there are many wonderful pics of that organ/skin.

Ps. Patrick, I have a layover in Chicago next week …



Ain’t nothing better than Chicago summers

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 We do have some businesses or individuals with businesses tagging us.  Many of them are photographers. Alex is over in California and willing to get behind the camera for you. We thank @cocoarreola1 for sharing this next man's pics. We are so willing to join the chain gang to meet him. 

What drives someone to get professional pics done? Is it more for than just models or actors?



It looks like one of our contributing writers reads our other posts.  @mattjacobi does a great deal of sharing in his posts for us and other publishers.  We've learned a wonderful amount about him, his partner, and how he is America's Favorite Guncle. But what we did not know that he was going to be changing up his hair!  Looking good Matt!


I’ll be here till Monday.

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Discover the Beauty of Men of India was a recent post of ours.

Men of India Magazine (trust me, you'll want to look up that site) is trying to the good man’s work by publishing and distributing images depicting the beauty of the Indian male figure, or as they call it, “the essence of the Indian male.”

Sure, we can go to their website or we can just thumb through @menofindia's Instagram account with one hand.



Hashtag photodaddy?   Sure thing! @randyaddison_photographer got our attention with this share.  We did say we wanted to see some bears this week and he delivered.  Instagram is pic driven so it makes sense for photographers to share their talents here.

@ivangarciaofficial shared a pic of Seven Magic Mountains, an attraction we've been seeing a lot of recently on Instagram.  Yep, we love to see the wonderful men on Instagram, but we as well desire to see where you've been, too.



When we were at #LOVELOUD Music Festival, we were excited to see so many LGBT performers on stage.  The LGBT media needs to promote more LGBT performers or at least make audiences aware of their presence (America’s First All Openly Gay Boy Band Release Debut Single). Thanks @echovmusic for tagging us and sharing these two pics.



“Whoa whoa I am a rainbow.” : @xgreenwell

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“I know I am a rainbow.” : @xgreenwell

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