Tajikistan Authorities Made A List of Gay and Lesbian Citizens

A list of 367 allegedly gay citizens has been drawn up by authorities in the country of Tajikistan and are saying they will put these people through testing in order to prevent “the spread of sexually-transmitted diseases.”

This news comes from Zakonnost, a newspaper published by the country’s state prosecutor, who says the list was made after researching the LGBTQ community there.

The paper says the list consists of the names of 319 men and 48 women. In addition, there were no transgender people included, just assumed gay men and lesbian women.

In addition, it was included that these people will be “put on a register due to their vulnerability in society and for their safety and to prevent the transmission of sexually-transmitted diseases.”

What the paper didn’t say was what kind of “checks” will be executed in order to do this.

Keep in mind, being gay is not an illegal offense in the central Asian country, though there is still a stigma to it.

This is just another show of an anti-gay push by conservative parties in multiple countries. For instance, Chechnya has been reported to be turning up it’s gay purge again. Also, Egypt is currently dealing with an anti-gay crackdown despite gay apps trying to intervene.

h/t: The Guardian

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