Taken But Tasty, Logyn Eret Is Our Instinct Insta Hottie

We had a chance to catch up with LOGYN ERET, one of the models from MINT – NYC. He will soon appear in the COOL AMERICA Magazine editorial June 2019 issue which should be out soon!

Let’s stalk this 6’2″ model a little bit on here and Instagram (@logyn_eret) before we start seeking him out at World Pride in New York City. 


Where are you originally from and what do you like about where you live now

I grew up in Grand Junction, Colorado which is four hours west of Denver. I now live on Wall Street in New York City.


What do you do for work besides modeling? And if modeling is your full-time profession, what did you do before modeling?

I’m a waiter and actor on the side.

Or you could be a valet. We’d let you park it anywhere you want.

Do you have any hobbies/activities you do for fun?

I love competing in CrossFit, wake boarding, and surfing. I’m also an artist who draws for tattoo parlors. 


What is something interesting about yourself that not too many people know?

I’m obsessed with The Walking Dead. My entire room back home is covered in Walking Dead merchandise. 


What/who inspires you?

The moon and my mom inspires me. They are both so beautiful and MY MOM has many lessons to learn from. 

Photographer credit: Courtney Charles

Single/Taken/It’s complicated?

I’m taken.


What do you look for in a partner?

I look for a man who can make me laugh and pick me up and kiss me on the counter. Meaning, he’s funny, tall, strong, and handsome. Great heart, tattoos, and muscles help, too.  😉 



Commando! Being naked is always better! 



What’s your favorite post on your Instagram profile and why?

My favorite posts on Instagram are my fan art that people have drawn for me. 


Do you have a naughty obsession or guilty pleasure? (ex. food/musician/tv show, etc.)

I love drinking black coffee while listening/dancing to Ariana Grande in the morning! 

Sure, Logyn, we’ll bring you the coffee, now start dancing!

In your eyes, what is the biggest challenge facing the LGBTQ+ community?

Stereotypes!!!! Not all LGBTQ+ members are the same. We’re all different and beautiful. For example, I am a gay boy who didn’t wear pink, makeup, and nails. Instead, I decided to play football and compete in competitions. Same with my boyfriend. Both are equally as special though! 


On your body, what’s your favorite body part.  On someone else?

My favorite body part is my jaw line. My favorite body part on somebody else (my boyfriend) is eyes.  (yeah, we’re looking at his jawline).


Will we see Logyn in NYC for World Pride?   We’ll have to wait and see.

Good luck with the tattoos and modeling!

Photos not from Instagram were supplied by MINT Management – NYC

Instagram: @mint_mgmt_nyc

Facebook: MINT Management – NYC


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