Thai Businessmen, Government Officials, And Teachers Are Searching For Ways To Support LGBTQ Workers

The World Bank recently released a report that says Thailand could become the world leader in the economic inclusion of LGBTQ people and lead as an example on how to make a country’s opportunities open to all people.

The “Economic Inclusion of LGBTI Groups in Thailand” report was created with the help of Thammasat University’s Faculty of Learning Sciences and Education, Love Frankie, and the Nordic Trust Fund.

Besides stating how the country is doing well already, the report also includes policy and program recommendations to help Thailand reach its full potential. Some of these recommendations include a public marketing campaign to promote social awareness of LGBTQ issues and protection laws, countrywide training of LGBTQ issues and laws for teachers and school administrators, the creation of non-discrimination laws for the workforce, and more.

After the report was released, several organizations like Thailand’s Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, the National Human Rights Commission of Thailand, and members of academic institutions, private businesses, and civil organizations joined together in a public forum on Monday to talk about the report.

“This report helps us to look at the issues of the LGBTI community and how these can be addressed by everyone who has a stake in making the Thai economy grow even better by encouraging all productive people, regardless of sexual orientation, to participate in the workforce of Thailand,” said commissioner Angkhana Neelapaijit from the National Human Rights Commission of Thailand.

“As part of its national transformation and promotion of the new, modern ‘Thailand 4.0’ at home and internationally, Thailand has the opportunity to advance and foster the inclusion of LGBTI people in its economy and society,” said Dr Ulrich Zachau, director of Thailand, Malaysia, and Regional Partnerships.

“Only by including LGBTI people can Thailand mobilize the strengths and full productive potential of all its people. LGBTI inclusion is the right thing to do, and it’s the smart thing to do.”

While this is just the start of talks about the report and how to change public, private, and government policies, this could mean a great change and focus for LGBTQ people in the Asian country. 

h/t: The Nation

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