The 3 Spooges … Make that 5 – Shocking Things To Do With Your Goo

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We all know it’s a must-have for making babies, but a new article posted at the lady-led pop culture site, Bustle, has shared 5 new things you probably never knew you could do with your goo.

For starters, we’ve all heard the ‘rumor’ that putting sperm on your face can give you a glowing complexion, but according to Bustle, there’s not enough protein in semen to make it beneficial to the skin. That said, I never take advice on anything from just one source, so I’m going to continue doing my own personal research on this and gather up lots of valuable data for review.


As we speak, there are scientists (most likely dudes) doing all sorts of mind-boggling experiments with man juice. I’m a bit cynical, though. I mean in some ways it seems their objective might be part of a public campaign to try to make women more comfortable with semen ingestion. That’s just my speculation of course, and it may seem far-fetched –until you read in the Bustle article how scientists are actually cooking with it!

Sauce on the side, please!

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In addition to sharing five surprising baby batter experiments, Bustle also provides a few suggestions a guy can do to “spruce up his sperm” such as increasing exercise to help create more sperm, eating certain foods to alter or avoid how sperm tastes (please avoid asparagus – I beg you), and eating more nuts for healthier overall sperm production.

So without further adieu, I implore you to muster up some spunk, and head on over to Bustle for a fun read of a most bizarre yet intriguing piece. Have a ball!


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