The Countdown Begins! Here’s A Holiday Gift Guide Curated For Just Us Guys!

Throughout the year, we discover a lot of really cool products and brands, so we thought it would be fun to introduce them to you! There are a few more shopping days before Christmas and Hanukkah, and for some of these gift ideas, there’s still time! 


But if not, no worries. Our Winter Holiday Gift Guide features items that will bring the fabulosity to your life not just in the winter, but all year long! 

So, happy shopping & happy holidays! Yaaaaaas!

  1. Find Your Perfect Fit! – Stantt


The Stantt custom shirt company was founded by two brave visionaries, with no previous apparel experience. They quit their jobs to create a new, high-quality custom design shirt business, with affordable products for consumers. 

Thanks to dapper, hottie-CEO’s Kirk Keel and Matt Hornbuckle, we now know that the traditional retail sizing model of Sm, M, L, and XL, only fits 15% of us. Yikes!

It’s Stantt to the rescue, with a reinvention of how sizing is done, and over 99 sizes for a perfect –no matter what your shape or size. Get Fitted. Visit Stantt 

2. 100% Pure Gorgeous – Boyface by Crystal Waters


Boyface by Crystal Waters is a clean, fresh, anti-aging skincare line for men. Yes, you read that correctly – THAT Crystal Waters! Not only does she know how to turn out mega dance hits like the classic Gypsy Woman, and 100% Pure Love, but Miss honey also knows her stuff when it comes to skincare.

Waters’ first got the idea for creating a ‘clean’ skincare line while on tour a few years back. She explains, “When I was out on the road, it was taxing to find skincare systems that were free of fillers, heavy perfumes, and harsh chemicals, and I was surprised to see such limited options.” So, she decided to do the research and create a line herself, focusing first on men’s skincare.


“BoyFace is a clean, plant-based line of anti-aging skincare products for men developed with the latest innovative skincare science in mind. Our products are formulated without animal products, parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, dyes, and harsh chemicals.”

For men who want skincare without all the froufrou, Crystal Waters delivers simple, rejuvenating, and lightly to unscented products – that are … wait for it –affordable!  Girlface Coming Soon!  Visit Boyface 

3. Leading The Men’s ‘Athleisure’ Revolution – Matador Meggings 


Think of a matador, and an image of a sexy hombre comes to mind, facing off with a bull, in form-fitted tights that we today call “leggings,” showing off all his religion in the jumbled crotch region. 

Matador Meggings has redefined the concept of the men’s leggings. They partnered with world-class designers to create leggings to fit every muscle, but also in fun colors, patterns, and prints. 

They made a comfortable leggings line with a man’s junk in mind. Their leggings come in all sizes, each with their signature ‘molded crotch,’ designed to get rid of VPL (*Visible Penis Line), no matter what activity you do. We happen not to mind VPL here at Instinct, so that ‘molded crotch’ design might be a plus or a minus, depending on who you ask. Visit Matador Meggings


4. Bombas Will Knock Your Socks Off – Bombas

We first saw this brand nearly four years ago when the company creators appeared on Shark Tank. They introduced a new sock company that claimed to produce the most comfortable socks ever made, or something hyperbolic like that. That aside, they also had a socially conscious initiative of donating one pair of socks for every pair sold. Still, socks are just socks, right? Wrong.


Instinct Magazine contributor Corey Andrew, received a pair of Bombas ankle socks in a gift bag for the 2019 Oasis cocktail event to benefit the Ali Forney Center. In Corey’s words, “I love those Bombas socks! They are so comfortable, they feel like slippers!”   

Granted, Corey’s review is based on personal opinion, but he loves his creature comforts, so we trust him when he says, these socks are the Bombas!  Visit Bombas

5. How Fly Is Your Luggage? – iFLY X Luggage


When it comes to traveling, nothing beats having that one, go-to carry-on for those quick overnight or weekend getaways or a more substantial piece, with adequately designed compartments for all your travel items. Well, the team at iFly Luggage took note and created with a series of full luggage sets that are functional, smart, stylish, and most impressively – affordable!

Featured here is their Admiral X-series line, but they offer an array of different luggage styles with individual bags to multi-piece sets. Forbes Magazine says: “There’s a lot to love about the new iFLY X-Series.” They aren’t kidding:

  • Scratch resistance
  • USB port (battery not included)
  • Discreet electronics pocket to store your battery and devices
  • Integrated TSA accepted lock
  • Removable laundry bag
  • Wet pocket

And there’s still more, all reasonably priced. As iFly’s mission states:


“Great luggage shouldn’t cost more than your airfare.Visit iFly

 6. Knock Em’ Dead, Boys! – Skull and Bones


You don’t have to be a vegetarian to appreciate a brand that expertly knows how to feature peaches and eggplants. Skull and Bones underwear and apparel, is that brand. Honey trust us, they know how to show off the meat and the vegetables in a way that makes heads turn (both of em’).

With a slightly eery back story to their brand name, Skull and Bones has emerged as one of the hottest product lines for men who are unapologetic about showing off their bare assets. From whimsical onesies to deliciously naughty jockstraps, thongs, and more, Skull and Bones’ attention to detail, body form, fabric, and textiles puts them at the very top of an otherwise super-saturated market.

Their website is a tantalizing, homoerotic experience in itself, similar to the Andrew Christian site experience – just without all the full peen. They do an excellent job of combining fantasy, sexiness, and fashion, featuring some of the hottest boys and bulges on the internet.  Visit Skull and Bones

7. Hot Grooming For The Gays – TheGroomedManCo


Bearded, hot Aussie, Daniel Mahony is the founder of TheGroomedManCo, and it’s so sexy to learn that America played a significant role in the company’s creation.

It all happened when Daniel decided to grow out his facial hair while on holiday in the USA. With a freshly grown beard as he bopped around America, Daniel was able to find grooming products for his new beard that solve matters of in-grown hairs, itchiness, dryness, and redness. However, once he returned to Melbourne, Australia, Daniel realized there was a shortage of locally produced grooming products for bearded men. So, he went to work to create those products himself, and thus The Groomed Man Co. was born.


With superb, quality ingredients, Daniel created products for the face, beard, body, and hair. One of the greatest attributes of the brand, though, is its inclusiveness, exemplified by one of their recent blog posts that featured Instagram sensation @thegaybeards.  Visit: TheGroomedManCo.

8. Homage To Your Favorite Shows


If you love TV nostalgia as much as we do, you will enjoy a fun Etsy shop we discovered earlier in the year called ‘Popablyshop.’ From the beloved Golden Girls to Dynasty, Star Trek, and anything in between, everyday home products get reimagined as tributes to all our favorite shows!  

True die-hard fans of television’s best shows – past and present, will appreciate the smart merchandise including University Sweatshirts from Hillman College (the fictional institution made famous on The Cosby Show spin off – A Different World), and suede pillows featuring illustrations of the Evans Family from GoodTimes, I Dream of Jeanie and more.

Go back in time and bring it all home at Popablyshop


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