The Grammy Winner Took A Social Media Break But He Came Back Swinging

Montero is back to claim his throne as the King of social media. The two-time Grammy winner took a hiatus from social media after having a whirlwind of a successful year in 2021. He jokingly tweeted that the break was indeed for maternity leave. Showing off his lean chiseled body and sense of humor, Lil Nas X came back to Twitter and he came back swinging.

The rapper/singer teased his 7.5 million followers with a snippet of some unheard music. The post, captioned “Lean on my Body” sees a shirtless Lil Nas X playing the keys and arrogantly rapping and talking his s—t.

He teased four new songs in total – and told a fan that his new album was “close” to being finished. One of those new songs will see him collaborate with up and coming rising star, gay rapper Saucy Santana aka The Material Girl. The song entitled Down Souf Hoes is a “strip club anthem” according to Lil Nas.

It seems like the social media break was much needed and obviously well deserved. In a series of tweets, Lil Nas X made several jokes about his absence on social media. And finally took to his Instagram to say “missed u guys” accompanied with a photo dump.

Lil Nas X is slated to perform at the 2022 Grammy awards scheduled for April 3. Will you be tuning in?

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