The Highlights From RuPaul’s DragCon in New York City

I was beyond giddy yesterday to attend RuPaul's DragCon in New York City, which was the first time they have done this event outside of their only other location in Los Angeles.  It was held at the Jacob Javitz Center, which is truly fitting as it is really the only location in Manhattan that can fit all this pandemonium and madness inside.  

When I say that everyone and their mom was there, I literally mean it.  I'm fairly confident that at least 80 percent of the girls from RPDR were there, as well as some other big named celebrities including Daniel Franzese, Big Freedia and Carson Kressley! 

All the queens had lines that were longer than Naomi Smalls legs.  It's a testament to really showcase how big this show has become over the past decade, as by 1PM in the afternoon the entire place was packed with drag fans of all ages who were there to see their favorite queens and get some shopping done as well.

I've met so many of these girls before, so I was excited to see them again.  However what really did fascinate me more was the diverse exhibitors who showed up and the products they had to sell to the masses. Everyone from artist Justin Russo, Massive Goods, Swish Embassy and Chad Sell, to more adult lines like Boy Butter really showcased all the different types of goodies you can buy for yourself this weekend

Here are some of the pics from the day, including ones with the girls, products, and fans who showed up ready to play and slay.


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