The House Of Aviance Brings An All-Star Group Together With One Message: “LIFT THEM UP!”

He, She, They. Her, Him, Them. Theirs, Hers, His. The category is…

Right now, many people have been relying on their favorite artists to help keep their spirits raised, and music has been a large part of that this summer. In an effort to let us all know that “Pride never ends” The House of Aviance has gathered together artists who define and celebrate individuality in their own marked and distinct way for the anthemic & upbeat “Life Them Up 2020”


Guest producer David Ohana collaborated with the legendary House of Aviance on this track, and from the moment you see Amanda LePore’s Christian Louboutin stiletto strutting up a stairway, you are acutely aware that this video is a celebration of both positivity and individuality. New York nightlife legends like Peppermint and LePore (with a cameo from Michael Musto) are featured, alongside recording artist and provocateur Sharon Needles. The iconic Debbie Harry checks in with some amazing vocals, and the super group of sorts is rounded out with the amazing Greko who said on their website “LIFT THEM UP 2020″ has one simple message: we must take the time to look out for LGBTQIA+ members who are struggling. Even “when the world around is sinking” it is always our responsibility to empower the most marginalized and embattled among us — to LIFT THEM UP! We must push for change until every single letter of the LGBTQIA+ community is spoken for and recognized!”

“Lift Them Up 2020” (and the David O Aviance Mixes) is available for streaming on Spotify. All proceeds go to the Black Trans Travel Fund

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