The Impeachment Trial Kicks Off With Drag Queen Pissi Myles In Attendance! Find Out Why…

When the host of The Apprentice somehow becomes the President of the United States of America, it would be safe to say that there is not much else that would be able to surprise us in Washington D.C. Leave it to a drag queen to totally turn that logic on it’s head, as Asbury Park N.J. based drag performer/comedian Pissi Myles sauntered into the impeachment hearings today like she was going in to face the board of PepsiCo! 

Decked out in scarlet red and “closer to Jesus” hair, Myles released this exclusive statement on her Facebook page a short time ago:

Hey friends! In a surprise turn of events, I am down in Washington D.C. today with Happs, the first open-source live news network, to cover the impeachment hearings in the capital! Check us out on the app- i’ll be commenting on what’s going on, and probably causing a ruckus in day drag! Come watch!

I spoke with Miles’ husband, graphic designer and illustrator David Ayllon who let me know exclusively that Pissi was “scouted at her Sunday night show at Barracuda in New York City on Sunday night” and was approached to cover the impeachment hearings for Happs

Stay tuned for further updates as Myles is expected to go live from the impeachment hearings later today….


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