‘The Influencers’ Mike Heslin Dishes on His Hilarious New Show

Credit: Well-Versed Entertainment

The Influencers is one show worth binge-watching during these weird days that fall between Christmas and New Year’s.

Credit: Well-Versed Entertainment

It follows six eclectic social media “stars” co-habitating as they compete in a series of creative challenges for an exclusive brand deal with the latest millennial juice craze: Jücytox. As cameras capture each influencer in real life, the manicured versions they present to the world online implode before our eyes.

The show pokes fun, to a certain degree, at all the different kinds of social media influencers we see on our daily feeds who hock some kind of sponsored product that earns them money.

Think of this as sort of a Christopher Guest movie like Waiting For Guffman in modern times with a splash of Big Brother thrown in the mix. A unique combination, yes, but one that is fun to watch as you’ll find yourself giggling with delight over how each actor really takes on their part. 

The Influencers was created by actor Mike Heslin who also stars in it as Taylor, one half of the gay #Instacouple who some confuse as twins on the series. He’s had a busy 2020 as the handsome up and comer’s previous work included the Darren Stein-directed comedy Boy*Friends which came out in September. 

What makes this even more interesting is the guy that plays his boyfriend Tyler in The Influencers is also his real-life partner Scotty Dynamo!

Credit: Well-Versed Entertainment

Mike chatted with us on Instagram Live ahead of The Influencers premiering today on Amazon Prime Video. He dished on how it came to be, the luck he had in shooting it before COVID took over the world, what it was like to film with Scotty and much more!

Check out the interview below. 


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