We all want to fit in, right?  Some of us are born as true round pegs that fit in round holes, and others as square into square.  Others can fit into any hole they want to (don't read into that). But some of us, if we want to be in the 'IN' crowd, we have to try a little harder. We don't want to fit into our geometric pigeon hole. 

Michael Henry has decided to get his shtick together and squirt his creative juices all over a YouTube series that may grab us by our pegs and holes and jump into our hearts and brains.

This is the show for people that have ever felt out of place, misunderstood, or less than. For gay people who feel under represented and for people who are trying to navigate where they belong in the landscape of their own community.  – Michael Henry

I love Michael Henry dearly, but then again, I haven't met him in person … yet. His creativity, I get it.  His humor, I think it's a fresh take on gay life that we need.  He allows us to laugh at ourselves, himself, and those people we sometimes just don't understand.

Does this sound like you?



I reached out to Michael to see if he wanted to clarify what he has put together.

I asked: Are you making this about your life? the humorous take on LA gay life? is it an autobiography?

Michael replied: Haha. It's not an autobiography per se . But a lot of it is autobiographical. I've always had a hard time feeling like I fit into the gay community so I thought what if I made a character that just decided to change everything about himself to try and be apart of that community.
This series is about trying to navigate where you belong in the landscape of your own community.

Fitting into the gay community, into a niche that you feel you want to belong to, can be more work than the rewards are worth.  But we cannot be told that.  We need to find that out for ourselves.

At the ripe massively old and gay-dead age of 43, I like to think I haven't changed.  I'm the same me I was in high school as I am now, for better or for worse.  The friends I have are the ones I deserve, and if I don't think we should be friends, it's not going to happen.  Friendships should not be forced, acquaintances need to be nipped in the bud if they are not healthy, and buh bye is not reserve for just being funny and sarcastic, but sometimes it's a very healthy and necessary thing to say to someone.

But some people desire to fit into a certain group/clique/lifestyle/cult and that is what drives them through life.  Some are the square pegs trying to fit in the round hole when there are some nice square holes right around them. 

And that may be the thing that Michael Henry is trying to figure out.  Is he a round peg or a square one?  What is the correct hole he should be fitting into?

I think there are two Michael Henry-eseses. One is the character we see trying to make it through life and not always succeeding. And then there is Michael Henry the actor/comedian. When I see they creative people he surrounds himself with, video after video, it puts a smile on my face. The fun he must have putting all these clips together, it must be truly rewarding on the creative and friend level. 

You're likeable Michael Henry, but we can see why and know why many will find themselves in "THE JOURNEY OF BEING LIKABLE"

We'll be watching.

"THE JOURNEY OF BEING LIKABLE" – Created and written by Michael Henry and Directed by Paul McGovern Jr. 

The five part series drops 11/28 on Michael Henry's YouTube channel http://youtu.be/afz30VydK8o 

Written/created/produced by Michael Henry

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