The Pet Shop Boys Serve Satirical Synth-Pop With ‘Agenda’

UK pop legends the Pet Shop Boys are giving this frigid February a blast of musical sunshine by releasing a digital four-track ‘in-the-moment’ EP called Agenda this week.

“It contains three satirical songs and one rather sad song,” says band member Neil Tennant of the EP. “I think it’s because of the times we’re living through.” 

The first song,“Give Stupidity A Chance,” was released yesterday. The second, “On Social Media,” dropped today. 

The third, “What Are We Going To Do About The Rich?” is set for Thursday, and then on Friday, “The Forgotten Child,” (figure that for the ‘sad’ song) will drop as the complete EP will be available to purchase.

Over an infectious house beat, “On Social Media” skewers our everyday habits as we post, scroll, tweet, selfie, hashtag and pontificate via our smart phones. 

From “On Social Media:”

Likes are in the thousands / My tweets are being retweeted
My family pics or holiday snaps / With total love are greeted
It’s so nice when people like you / You’re feeling hashtag blessed
You pop out of the conversation / It’s like you passed the test




Regarding “Give Stupidity a Chance,” Tennant says the satirical lyrics are “about the poor quality of political leadership in the modern world.”

The ironic track lampoons politics both in the U.S. and the U.K.

Taking a none-too-veiled swipe at Donald Trump, the boys crack wise, “Chicks are always up for it / You’ve got to grab whatever you can / We need a leader who knows money means class / With an eye for a peach-perfect piece of ass.”




This isn't the duo's first entre in political satire. You may recall PSB's 2006 track, "I'm With Stupid," which offered comedic slaps at then-President George W. Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Agenda, the first new music from the iconic duo since 2016’s Super, drops this Friday, February 8.

(image via PSP official website)

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