The Police Wanted To Arrest OBJ For A Butt Slap?

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Odell Beckham Jr was almost arrested for slapping a butt in the locker room. The problem being, it was a cop’s butt.

This weekend, the Cleveland Browns wide receiver got into trouble for the old “it’s not gay, it’s guys being guys” action of slapping butts in the locker room. But the action was a little too aggressive and done on the backside of a Superdome police officer after Louisiana State University’s College Football Playoff National Championship win. This led to the police releasing an arrest warrant for OBJ. OBJ was being accused of simple battery of a police officer.

Louisiana statute 14.34.2 states that individuals guilty of simple battery of a police officer “shall be fined not more than $500 and imprisoned not less than fifteen days nor more than six months without benefit of suspension of sentence.”

After the announcement, OBJ’s representatives released a statement saying they were working with authorities on the matter. Then yesterday, the officer at the other end of the slap “decided to drop the charge,” according to the New Orleans police department. Because of that, the warrant for Beckham’s arrest was also rescinded. A spokesman for the Orleans Parish District Attorney also added, “Absent a complaining witness, this is not a case our office intends to pursue.”

But it seems the infamous slap was only one of the problems surrounding OBJ at the game. OBJ was also seen handing out cash to LSU’s players on the field after their win. Quarterback Joe Burrow later said that he received some cash from Beckham. LSU later released a statement alleging that the cash was fake money.

“We are aware of the situation regarding Odell Beckham Jr. interacting with LSU student-athletes and others unaffiliated with the team following the championship game Monday night,” the statement read. “Initial information suggested bills that were exchanged were novelty bills. Information and footage reviewed since shows apparent cash may have also been given to LSU student-athletes. We were in contact with the NCAA and the SEC immediately upon learning of this situation in which some of our student-athletes may have been placed in a compromising position. We are working with our student-athletes, the NCAA and the SEC in order to rectify the situation.”

It seems that from the field to the locker room, Odell Beckham Jr. was causing problems for many people.

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