The “Queen Of New York” Brita -On Being Part Of the New Cast of “Drag Race”, Supporting Women, & Making It In New York City Drag

You can’t know the NYC drag scene and not know the force of nature that is Brita!  Brita is known for being one of the leading talents on the New York scene right now, and her hard work has paid off, as she’s part of the cast of RuPaul’s Drag Race! I caught up with this bawdy broad as she and her fellow New York City sisters prepared for their close ups, and we talked about New York City talent and she shared the secret to New York City drag success!


Michael Cook: So it’s official; you are on Season 12 of RuPaul’s Drag Race!

Brita: It is wild? I still don’t believe it.

MC: What does it feel like right now?

B: It feels incredible! It feels like all my dreams are coming true. It has been a secret for so long and now that I can actually tell people, it’s finally feeling real. It actually started feeling real recently when I was having a conversation with RuPaul at the Saturday Night Live after-party. I am really just sitting here having a good old kiki with Mother Ru and she’s complimenting my look; its just wild. It was incredible. When we are filming, we really don’t have any alone time with Ru, so we really don’t have any conversation, they want to make sure that everything is saved for television. It was just nice to talk to her as a human being and just get to have that conversation. It was such a beautiful night.


MC: You are on this season with so many of your New York sisters, who are all so talented. What is it like taking the ride with so many of your hometown sisters?

B: It’s the best of the best, honestly. All of these girls I respect, and their drag is all so different, we all do different things. It is so nice to have family here; we have all grown up together in the scene. It was so nice to be there and have people that we could really lean on, and people that we can cuss out when they’re being a bitch, because they’re our sisters.


MC: You recently were the toast of the Women’s March in Washington D.C. What was that experience like?

B: I am a spokesperson for not just our community, but for women and that is why I dress up like a woman! It was really important for me to be there, I think that especially with the fame and the popularly that we all are going to have, it’s important to use that fame and that popularity for good, and that has been my stance since I started drag. It is important me to go stick up for people and I can now be the spokesperson for so many people who don’t have a voice or are afraid to have a voice. Being there meant the absolute most. I was honored with an award by the Women’s March also; it was an absolutely beautiful weekend.


MC: You are on the show with such a diverse cast, but you are known in New York City as one of the girls who has really made it happen for herself. What do you think it takes for a true New York girl to make it in the drag scene in New York City?

B: You just have to keep on working. You have to have new ideas and not compare yourself to anyone else. Keep challenging yourself. It’s truly how I made my own name, I never compared myself to anyone else, I just always tried to outdo myself the next time. To make sure that I was always on my toes. Honestly, people get so stuck in their heads and always comparing themselves, even with the Glam Awards. I always say, the only way you will win is to challenge yourself the next time better than the last, then sis you got it! 

“RuPaul’s Drag Race” Season 12 premieres on Friday February 28th on VH1 (check local listings)

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